Dr. Badar us Salam(Head & Neck Surgeon) MBBS(Khyber), FRCS(ENT-UK) Member ENT, UK Head & Neck Surgeons



Nose and sinus Allergies

Fess, balloon sinusplasty (most advance treatment for sinus diseases), Septoplasty and turbinoplasty. Common cold and flu,Sinusitis,Facial pain,Headach,Allergic Rhinits,nasal polyposis, nasal trauma and tumors(cancer),Loss of sense of smell. Deformed nose.

Head and Neck Diseases

Pain in the throat, lump in the throat, loss of voice, change in the voice, difficulty in swallowing,snoring,sleep diseases(obstructive sleep disorder), benign diseases and cancer of thyroid. Adenoidectomy, vocal cord medialisation (procedures to remove voice disorders ), Endoscopies.

Ear Diseases

Hearing loss, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), pain in the ear, Vertigo and discharging ears. We perform the following surgical procedures. Grommet insertion, Mastoidectomy for cholesteatom,Stapedotomy using skeeter drill for Otosclerosis, and cochlear implant.


Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping),Otoplasty for Bat ears, Excision of facial skin lesions.

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